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Why I can not memorize new words?

Believe it or not memorizing new words and its meanings is difficult. I’ve been learning English for 2 years and for me is not easy to memorize them.

If you want to talk to an American, just learn the basic vocabulary that you use all day long.

Forgetting information is actually normal. Our brain remember the information that we consider important.

It is normal to forget new words like you forget new names from new people that you just met.

When yoru´re learning a new language do not try to memorize everything at once. It’s almost impossible and tired you’ll end up confused. Language learners want to remember as many words as possible and they often cannot.

One myth is that people who believe that they cannot memorize new words they might have a conclusion that they do not have a good memory.

In order for you to improve your ability to recognize and memorize new words and expressions you need to be interested and love what you’re doing.

Have you asked to yourself… Do I really want to learn English? Why am I learning English? Do I really like English? Think about it.

You need to love what you’re doing. If you’re learning English because you love to learn new languages then it would be easier than someone who does not like to learn a new language or does not like to challenge themselves.
Don’t get frustrated because you cannot learn new words. It’s normal. It happens to me, it happens to everyone. You need to find your own way in how to memorize new words.

Have time to read ways to learn and remember new vocabulary?

Click here:


You may wondering to know. How did I learn vocabulary? Well, I’ll share how I did it. Stay tuned. I know that everyone has its own way to learn but you might wanna know how I did it.

Wanna read some nice articles about vocabulary.

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Why You Have Trouble Remembering New Words, and How You Can Fix It

Rather watch videos?

Click on the link below

How to increase your vocabulary

Link ->   https://youtu.be/53SIKuCuHv0
Link ->   https://youtu.be/FNYNcCZpa9M

**This blog is just to help you and give you information that I know to continue learning English**
**Nowadays you will find lots of websites with English lessons and I’ll share with you the videos and articles that I used to learn.**
Coming soon:

Reading or Speaking?

Is grammar really important when you’re speaking?



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